Fabrizio Albertini // Radici

FABRIZIO ALBERTINI (b. 1984, Italy) is a photographer and filmmaker.

Graduated in Film Direction and Production at the International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences CISA  (Swiss). His photographic series have been exposed, among the others, at Aperture Foundation, Sk Stiftung Kultur. His work has been shown, among the others, at International Locarno Film Festival.  He publishes, with the publishing house Skinnerboox, the books “The Mecca of Coney Island” (2014), “Diary of an Italian Borderworker” (2016).


Radici is a story about resilience, is a novel of nature, form and memory. The write of Radici begin in the Cannobina Valley, it starts with a landscape of misty memories childhood images. Radici is the elaboration of a conflict in the present, where the success, in terms of life, depends by the act to sustain a form.

"I've started by photographing my garden.

I was searching at something close to me.

Today I'm still taking picture of my vegetable garden, I can't help.

I was photographing Radici (roots), only Radici.

I've drove my car up to the Cannobina Valley, the valley where my grandparents have lived, where my mother grew up, where I've spent my childhood.

I've done this because, also there, I've a beautiful garden."

All images © Fabrizio Albertini