The Enigmatic Urban Landscapes Of Manu Casir

Contradiction (2018).jpg

Juan Manuel Casir is a 33 years old photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Impasse series, taken between 2017 and 2018, shows us his enigmatic world, where the last lights of the day draw dramatic geometries with darkness keeping us stuck in an infinite moment.

About the born of the series he says:

"From childhood I’ve been curious about photography and movies. The first thing I remember is being amazed by colors, light and shapes. In the past 3 years photography took different places in my life, from a hobby to a job. Impasse Series is the result of a breaking point, where taking pictures turned into a personal search, leading me to expand my creativity and find myself on art. 

The impasse series arises from the encounter of contrast between chaos and order, light and darkness, the everyday and the extraordinary destined to last only for a few seconds”.

Morning flare - Impasse series (2018).jpg
Stealth Flight - Impasse Series (2018).jpg
Skip a beat - Impasse Series (2018).jpg
Crossroads - Impasse series (2017).jpg
24 de Marzo de 1976 - Impasse series.jpg
Hidden treasures - Impasse series (2018).jpg

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