Atomic Punk By Berber Theunissen


Berber Theunissen is a Dutch photographer from Otterlo.

“I focus my camera on things that affect me personally. Things that I love, but also things that make me feel vulnerable. I capture the moments, emotions and memories in which these intense situations were revolving around me. Photography offers me a foothold, enabling me to observe my life in a more objective way. I reflect upon my own struggles by looking at how my friends and others around me cope with similar situations and feelings."

Atomic Punk

Last summer we went from the extreme lows to the extreme highs, from miscarriage to marriage. … How life works, an ever-twisting rollercoaster of happenings and emotions.

Within a few weeks there was a unexpected pregnancy, a miscarriage, a marriage and a honeymoon. Like if our life was shaken around in a cocktail shaker. At the moments when we hit rock bottom, I did not feel the need to capture everything. I was occupied with life and survival. The road trip across America was a time to contemplate the bizarre feelings and contradictions of the previous period.
We went offline, we disappeared. Alone. Completely together. While on the road, strange sofas and walls suddenly became home, leaving entrenched ideas and emotions, making room for fresh insights. We became closer and closer. We went beyond next level.
We can handle this together. We can handle everything.

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