Eva Paià's Dailies Compositions


"My hand upon yours. Can you feel it?

Easy. Take your time.

Did that bothered you?”


Eva Paià was born in Barcelona in 1993. 

She’s interested in personal and collective identities, memory and interpersonal relations. 

“I like the fact that my grainy dailies or cut composition of the bodies could be understood by anyone, shared with anybody because of the simplicity of the nothing-to-be-seen, a concept that has been crucial as it raises our contemporary imagery.”


“Your skin is wrinkled yet soft. 

I can barely feel your heart from your toes.

Truly love this new  freckle on your neck, 

I think it looks so alike the one on my right breast.”


That heat... I'm still struggling with it.
What about you? Why are you sweating like this?

You missed the train again, right? 

What a mess you are..."


All the words have been said by/to different people I love during the last year. The verses could be read in any order and so the words.

Instagram : @evapaia