Jesús García Reflects On Our Connection With Nature


Jesús García was born in the spring of 1992 in Madrid where he studied Fine Arts. There he became interested in engraving and also in analogue photography, as well as in music. After graduation, Jesús formed an artistic community with nine friends in a small village in the rural area of northern Spain, in Galicia, called Espacio Mtrioska. He has lived there for four years developing artistic projects of all kinds, including a free festival of art, music and ecology, the Reina Loba Festival.
He spends his creative time playing music, doing photo projects, working in the garden and learning from his colleagues.

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"Green Mirror" is a set of images taken with Elena Crespo in the small village of Os Blancos in Galicia, in the north of Spain.

In this series, where surrealism is mixed with metaphors and the free interpretation of images, Jesús treats how we perceive our identity and reflects on our connection with nature, with our wildest and primitive "I".

"I believe that life in cities distances us from our purest relationship with nature and I think that creates new ways of understanding identities (neither better nor worse, only new). I am interested in both, but in this series, I look for the connection we have directly with natural environments. In this case, the mirror is that own connection between environment and body, because it reflects what surrounds us and brings it closer to our skin. It's like a hole inwards.
I wonder what connects us to the surroundings, but also what separates us. I wonder what defines us, what makes us particular. What do we have of the others and the context? I am interested in how we relate to trees, wind and moss.
I investigate the way we have to know ourselves and to explore ourselves, to face "who we are" and to discover ourselves. For this reason, in this series, the mirror sometimes reflects Elena but at other times reflects the environment. "I" and "the rest". "Me" with the rest.
I like the earth under the long nails, the mud on the feet, the coincidences of colours between person and nature, and also their differences."


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