Kristina Borinskaya's Intimate Journey

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Kristina Borinskaya is a self-taught film photographer currently working and living in Italy.

Born in 1992 in post-Soviet Moldavia, she uses photography to explore issues relating to identity, everyday life and the cycles of time.

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Kristina accompanies the observer into an "intimate journey" within her everyday life.

Fascination for normality, attention to details and obsession with the fleeting moment are the basis of his photographic research.

By the way, they are precisely the details to constitute the element on which Kristina loves to linger, creating estrangements from the overall picture.


"Just because nothing lasts for too long, maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with the fleeting moment. 

When I capture the authenticity of a perfect moment it feels like I deceive the course of my life. For a moment I do not feel the fear of the unknown anymore."

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Instagram: @kribora