Nick Prideaux: The Charm Of Mundane


Nick Prideaux is fascinated by simple and seemingly mundane things. His photography takes the viewer into a delicate world, where every gesture, even the most insignificant, acquires value: a white wall on which a pink balloon appears, an arm pointing to nothing or legs illuminated by the light of the morning. His look is intuitive, spontaneous and sensitive.
In this article, we're going to find out Nick's approach to photography and how this medium has helped him express his feelings.


Nick Prideaux is an Australian documentary-style photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. After completing his degree in Film Production and Screenwriting, Prideaux discovered his passion for film photography. He has worked extensively in Melbourne, Beijing and Tokyo as a freelance photographer. 

His work has been exhibited in London, Melbourne, Montreal, Tokyo and Bangkok.  His photography has been featured on sites like The Fader, Ignant, Konbini, Fisheye Magazine and Frankie Magazine. 

He has been shortlisted for the International Photography Festival and the If You Leave annual photography competitions. 

"My approach to photography is guided by my intuition, rather than preconception. The camera gives me a way of looking at the every day in a more conscious light and a way of surfacing thoughts and feelings that are otherwise difficult to access and express. 
My photography is about subtraction. I approach it with a simple process - focusing on the smaller details, the beauty of the little things. I love light and color
In a time where the centre of the frames is often the self, my photography captures seemingly mundane, fleeting seconds, which to me are the most remarkable. These beautiful moments, too often disregarded, are what need to be immortalized."

Instagram: @prideaux