Driving On An Unknown Road With Nuno Serrão


Dreamlike landscapes, minimalist and melancholic shots characterize the work of the photographer Nuno Serrão born in Madeira Island, Portugal.

Human presence is often overridden by the imposing nature of the landscape: lonely expanses, roads that must still be traveled and dark skies.


Here are some photos of his new “Inland Iceland” photographic series.

The photographer takes “retrocausality” into account to analyze his images and tells us:

“Retrocausality is a concept of cause and effect where the effect precedes its cause in time. Perhaps this is what happened to me in Iceland, to step in for the first time into a place I knew, a land that is not allowed to remain the same, it’s cold and solid and at the same time, hot and evolving.”


Website:  www.nunoserrao.com

Instagram: @nunoserrao